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Diary January 20, 1942

Japanese troops on elephants
For the invasion of Burma the Japanese were also using elephants.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, January 20, 1942:

Southeast Asia


Sea War

Pacific: 2 Japanese submarines shell Midway Island. Japanese carrier planes bomb Rabaul (New Britain). Minelaying submarine I-124 sunk off Darwin by USS Edsall and Australian war­ships.
‘China Force’ (3 cruisers, 6 destroyers and 2 sloops) formed to escort Allied convoys between Singapore and East Indies.

Home Fronts

Germany – WANNSEE CONFERENCE (Berlin): Heydrich outlines Hitler‘s plans for ‘Final Solution’ of Jewish ‘Problem’ – all European Jews to be deported to Eastern Europe, to either die from forced labour or be liquidated.

Eastern Front

Russians recapture Toropetz, northeast of Velikie Luki.

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