Diary January 21, 1916

German 'War Cripples School'
A German ‘War Cripples School’ in 1916, where mutilated and amputated soldiers with prostheses are learning new activities.

Switzerland: Severely wounded Franco­-German PoW exchange.


US ‘Colonel’ House in Paris, at Berlin on January 26, returns to Paris on February 2.

Eastern Front

Renewed Russian attack in East Poland.

Southern Fronts

Albania: Austrian patrols enter Scutari.

Middle East

Mesopotamia – Battle of Hanna: Aylmer’s 7,600 men (2,741 casualties) repulsed by 9,000 Turks with 26 guns 23 miles from Kut. 2 Indian Army Victoria Cross won but only a few score men get into Turk trenches before torrential rain worsens awful cold and mud on January 31.
Kut: Tigris floods (until mid-February) northwestern British defences and Turk front trenches, they fall back 2,000 yards on January 27. Besieged British garrison put on half rations.

Africa Fronts

East Africa: c.600 British soldiers reoccupy Longido, Mbuyuni (January 22), reach Serengeti on January 24. German mine blows up armoured train at Maktau on January 22.

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