Diary January 21, 1941

General Jona Antonescu
General Jona Antonescu became in 1940 Prime Minister of Romania and forced King Carol II to abdicate in favor of his son Michael. In 1933 Carol had defeated the fascist ‘Iron Guard’ under Codreanu and ruled absolutist since this time. The territorial losses to Russia and Hungary are plunged Romania into a political crisis in 1940, from which Antonescu emerged as sole ruler.
Diary for Tuesday, January 21, 1941:


Rumania: Ultra-fascist Iron Guard attempts to overthrow Rumanian military dictator, General Antonescu, and conducts simultaneous pogrom against the Jews (approx. 1,000 killed); many are butchered in Bucharest animal slaughter­house. Rising finally crushed January 24 and ringleader (Sima) flees to Germany.

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