Diary January 22, 1918

Food distribution to the German civilian population
Food distribution to the German civilian population in the last year of the war.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, January 22, 1918:

Eastern Front

Austria: Czernin back in Vienna asks permission to make separate peace if necessary, Austria has only two months grain.

Middle East

Hejaz Railway: Arabs repulsed from Mudauwara Station despite 3 Royal Flying Corps attacks by 3 planes.

Sea War

Britain: Allied Naval Council first meets in London (until January 23) including Admirals Bon, Revel and agenda including neutral waters and potential fear of Germans seizing Russian Black Sea Fleet.
Adriatic: German and arsenal workers at Pola strike (until January 27) worsening U-boat repair situation (up to 17 per day), although leaders sacked.

Home Fronts

Austria: Prime Minister Seidler resignation refused. Germans in Bohemia demand own province.
Britain: Thomson (Special Branch) reports ‘a decided increase in letters for an immediate peace’.

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