Diary January 23, 1918

General Otto von Below
General Otto von Below of the German 14th Arnym who led the attack against the Italians during the successful Battle of Caporetto. He is now needed on the Western Front.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 23, 1918:

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Below’s German Fourteenth Army headquarter closes.

Eastern Front

Brest-Litovsk: Trotsky suspends talks calling German policy ‘a most monstrous annexation’.
Russia: British form Allied Petrograd Trade Barter Co to stop supplies falling to Germans. Kerensky reaches Helsinki from Petrograd.

Sea War

Britain: Royal Navy convoy sloops and 20 PC patrol boats (based at Pembroke) no longer to be used as Q-ships (had sailed regularly with convoys but as Q-ships since October 1917).

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