Diary January 28, 1917

Mobile field kitchen
Mobile field kitchen for German soldiers on the Western Front (photo of a relative of the author).
World War One Diary for Sunday, January 28, 1917:

Western Front

Somme: Severe British January pressure on the Anere prompts Rupprecht to demand a voluntary retirement to Siegfried Stellung (OHL vetoes on January 29).

Sea War

Black Sea: 2 Russian destroyers sink or capture 22 Turk sailing craft between Ordu and Sinope (until January 31).
Atlantic: U-53 sinks Spanish SS Nueva Montana (ore for Newcastle) off Ushant and a similar ship on January 29.

Secret War

Britain: Royal Navy Room 40 intercepts Bernstorff’s second protest against unlimited U-boat war.


Mexico: US General Pershing and his troops ordered home.

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