Diary January 29, 1916

Mother's trials
‘Mother’ shows her paces in Poppleton’s Field, Lincoln.
Diary for Saturday, January 29, 1916:

Secret War

Britain: Mother prototype tank begins successful trials.

Western Front

Somme: German Second Army success northeast of Dampierre.

Eastern Front

Alexeiev (Russian Chief of Staff) to Admiral Eberhardt (Black Sea Fleet): ‘… we have no right … to disperse our troops … to … tasks … secondary even if appreciable in themselves, in remote theatres of war’.
Pripet and Bukovina: Renewed fighting, Austrians claim success.

Southern Fronts

Corfu: 5,400 Serbs die from retreat hardships until April 30.

Air War

France: Second and last Zeppelin raid on Paris causes 54 casualties, last air raid until January 1918.


France: Anglo-French Munitions Conference.

Home Fronts

Russia: Premiere of Prokofiev’s ‘Scythian Suite‘, Petrograd.

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