Diary January 31, 1941

SC-250 (550lb) bomb on the fuselage of an Bf 109E
An SC-250 (550lb) bomb on the fuselage of an Me 109E ‘hit-and-run’ fighter-bomber.
Diary for Friday, January 31, 1941:

Air War

Britain: Three London hospitals damaged by ‘hit-and-run’ raiders.#


Vichy French authorities in Indochina sign armistice with Thailand aboard Japanese warship off Bangkok, ending desultory border war.

Sea War

Merchant shipping losses in January 1941: 74 Allied ships with 309,942 tons in Atlantic, 2 Allied ship with 13,478 tons elsewhere.
8 Axis ships with 23,129 tons in Mediterranean.
None U-boats sunk in the Atlantic, Arctic or Baltic. 22 serviceable U-boats in Atlantic.

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