Diary January 4, 1916

Field telephone used by a US soldier
Field telephone used by a US soldier during the fighting in the Argonne in late 1918.
Diary for Tuesday, January 4, 1916:

Home Fronts

Britain: Lord Derby’s recruiting report published, 2,675,149 volunteers to date but over 2 million of military age unattested justifies conscription.
Fuller­-phone (non-tappable) approved for production and distribution to BEF (10,000 hand-made sets plus c.5000 for US Army 1917-18).

Middle East

Mesopotamia – First British attempt to relieve Kut: General Aylmer’s 19,000-strong Tigris Corps begins advance astride river, probes Sheikh Saad defences on January 6, but facing overall 30,000 Turkish troops with 83 guns.

Western Front

Champagne: German trench raids.


Britain: Government answers Germany on Q­-ship Baralong affair, offers impartial tribunal if three alleged similar German cases included, Germany contests on January 14.

Secret War

Austria – CoS Conrad to Count Tisza: ‘There can be no question of destroying the Russian war machine; England cannot be defeated; peace must be made in not too short a space, or we shall be fatally weakened, if not destroyed’.

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