Diary July 1, 1918

 'Coatsal' class airship
A British ‘Coatsal’ class airship on convoy patrol.
World War One Diary for Monday, July 1, 1918:

Sea War

British Home Waters: In July Air ASW (anti-submarine warfare) effort now going to convoy escort (310 aircraft and airships) rather than air patrols; 167 U-boats sighted (until November), 115 attacked and only 6 daylight attacks not frustrated.
North Sea­: Northern Mine Barrage begins to inhibit return voyages. U-boats forced into mined Norwegian waters. U-86 sinks empty US troop transport Covington.
Adriatic: 5 British aircraft bomb Cattaro with success.
Mediterranean: During July 27 German U-boats but 5 in dock and 2 on Tripolitania supply runs, so average of 8 at sea for duration.

Western Front

Germany: German rifle strength 100,000 below Allied. 1919 class recruits almost used up by July 31.
Britain: 52 British effective divisions now in France. 1st Army Co-operation unit (No 8 Squadron RAF) attached to Tank Corps.
Flanders: ­Reformed BEF Fifth Army (6 divisions) takes over Bethune­-Merville sector.
Marne: US 2nd Division captures Vaux near Chateau-Thierry.
Artois­: almost 50,000 Canadian troops celebrate Dominion Day at Tincques, 14 miles west of Arras; Canadian Prime Minister inspects 2 divisions on July 2.


Mozambique – Action at Nhamacurra (until July 3): At his farthest south, Lettow (25 casualties) smashes 630 Portuguese (528 casualties) and c.300 KAR (223 casualties), holding village sugar factory and rail station along river Likungo. Germans take 542 PoWs, 2 Portuguese guns, 10 MGs, c.350 rifles, clothing, ammo and 300t food. Allied 209 killed including many drowned or eaten by crocodiles. 155 Gold Coast Mounted Infantry sail from Port Amelia for Mussuril Bay of Mozambique Island.

Home Fronts

Britain: RFP up 2% to record 110%. FLU PANDEMIC RAGES. Household fuel and lighting rationing. Midland (Chilwell, Notts) shell factory explosion (134 killed, 150 wounded). National Baby Week (until July 7). In July Sassoon’s second poetry volume Counter-Attack published.
Germany: During July Ruhr metal workers demand 56 not 60 hour week but no serious strikes.
USA: Naval Appropriations Act grants $1.57 billion.

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