Diary July 14, 1918

Indian lancers
Indian lancers and their British officers in Palestine.
World War One Diary for Sunday, July 14, 1918:

Middle East

Palestine – Action of Abu Tulul: 5800 Turks and Germans (1,000 casualties including 475 Germans and 540 PoWs, 6 MGs lost) attack 2,500 Anzacs and Indian cavalry (c.200 lancers cause 192 Turk cavalry casualties east of Jordan), unsupported Germans repelled for 70 ALH (Australian Light Horse mounted infantry) casualties (189 total).­

Western Front

Marne: 27 German PoWs (chiefly Alsatian) reveal to French Fourth Army timings of impending Champagne-Marne offensive.
Champagne and Marne: Germans gas shell US 3rd Division with 7,500 rounds (15t) mustard gas and phosgene; 600 gassed (9 deaths); US 26th Division at Chateau-Thierry endures 10,000 rounds (20t) mustard gas and phosgene (until July 17); 518 gassed (no deaths).

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Field Marshal Conrad resigns from active service (especially due to Hungarian protests at Piave failure), is made Count and Colonel of all the Guards; General Krobatin (Tenth Army) takes over his Tyrol army group.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Coastal submarine UB-105 sinks French transport Djemnah (442 lost) off Cyrenaica. British Australia­-bound SS Barunga (ex-German SS Sumatra) sunk by U-boat.

Air War

Western Front: 9 RAF squadrons fly to reinforce French in Champagne despite rainstorms, lose 15 aircraft in action (until July 17).

Home Fronts

Britain: National rationing for sugar (until November 29, 1920), butter (until May 30, 1920), margarine (until February 16, 1919) and lard (until December 16, 1918), national bacon and ham rationing discontin­ued on July 29. Local jam, cheese and tea rationing for 500,000 to 17.5 million people since early 1918.

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