Diary July 17, 1917

Bolshevik rising attempt
Bolshevik rising attempt on this day in Petrograd.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 17, 1917:

Home Fronts

Russia: Justice Ministry documents allege Lenin a German agent (until July 18) as do other sources. 6,000 Kronstadt sailors join Red rising but Cossacks begin charges as troops arrive from Front.
USA: Presidential order drafts 678,000 of June 5 registrees. War Secretary draws first number for draft on July 20.
Britain: Government reshuffle makes Churchill Munitions Minister, Addison becomes new Reconstruction Minister, Carson joins War Cabinet.

Western Front

Third Ypres bombardment (until July 30) begins: British fire 4,283,550 shells (cost £22,211,389 14s 4d) including 100,000 rounds (250t) of chlorpicrin gas shells at Germans (until July 31); 1,250 gassed (75 deaths). British trench raids.
Verdun: French regain positions northwest of Mort Homme lost during previous 18 days. Unsuccessful German trench raids northwest of Verdun on July 18.


Britain: British Royal Family change name from Saxe-Coburg­-Gotha to Windsor.

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