Diary July 22, 1918

 American company advancing
An American company advancing. In July 1918, there were already one million US soldiers in France.
World War One Diary for Monday, July 22, 1918:

Western Front

Champagne and Marne: ALLIES CROSS THE MARNE near Dormans, Germans retreat 5-6 miles beyond Chateau-Thierry between the Ourcq and the Marne. Franco-Americans reach Bezu-Epieds. Ludendorff finally orders southern half of salient to be abandoned.
France: General Rogers AEF QMG (Quartermaster-general American Expedition Forces) at Tours.


Mozambique – Action at Fort Namirrue (until July 23): Lettow night attack destro¥s 3/3rd KAR Battalion of Fitzcol after its river crossing. Germans take fort and first mortar, some ex­-German Askaris rejoin.


Germany: At Avesnes Hindenburg tells Kaiser 1918 offensive a failure; Wilhelm tells diners at Spa ‘I am a defeated War Lord to whom you must show consideration’.

Home Fronts

Britain: Munitions Ministry declares threatened Coventry strike ‘an attempt to overthrow the policy of the state’.
France: Civilian exodus back to Paris begins.
Austria: Prime Minister Dr Seidler finally resigns. Ex­-Education Minister Baron Hussarek succeeds on July 24.

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