Diary July 23, 1917

Rumanian gunners
Rumanian gunners of a M1896 Vickers 127mm howitzer.
World War One Diary for Monday, July 23, 1917:

Eastern Front

Rumania – Battle of Marasesti (until August 1): Averescu’s Rumanian Second Army advances 12 1/2 miles on 20­-mile front, takes 30 villages; 2,977 PoWs; 57 guns from German Ninth Army (Kosch), but Russian Fourth Army refuses help.
Galicia: Russian retreat on 150-mile front, Stanislau and Halicz given up as Austrian Third Army (Kritek) recrossed river Lomnica.

Western Front

Flanders and Artois: British­-Canadian trench raids (and on July 28); Canadian 116th battalion (74 casualties) captures 53 PoWs from German 36th Reserve Division west of Lens.

Sea War

North Atlantic: U-boat sinks AMC Otway (10 lifes lost).

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