Diary July 24, 1915

Poising as unarmed merchantmen, Q ships sailed in submarine-infested waters shelling unwary U-boats with their concealed guns.
Diary for Saturday, July 24, 1915:

Sea War

Atlantic: Q-ship Prince Charles sinks U36.

Western Front

Vosges: La Fontenelle­-Laanois position stormed by French troops.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: Charge by 1,600 men of Russian 1st Cavalry Division checks Germans south of Mitau after Siberian infantry regiment gives way.

Middle East

Dardanelles Committee refuses Churchill’s plea to plan for possible Suvla failure.

Air War

Western Front: Royal Flying Corps suspends all bombing missions except on GHQ direct orders due to lack of reliable bombsight.


USA: Secret Service find briefcase of German propa­ganda director on New York subway train.

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