Diary July 24, 1916

Belgian provisions in East Africa being brought up
Belgian provisions in East Africa being brought up. The escort at the right wears the early Force Publique blue uniform.
Diary for Monday, July 24, 1916:

African Fronts

East Africa: NRFF (1,200 soldiers) defeats Captain Braunschweig’s Southern Detachment at Malangali, drives it towards Iringa. Belgian battalion takes Kasulu.

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: German counter­attacks at High Wood and Guillemont. BEF has advanced 3 1/4 miles on 6-mile front, taken 11,119 PoWs and 56 guns while engaged 16 German divisions (8 drawn into reserve); 2,090 British guns have fired 4.5 million shells.

Middle East

Sinai: 16,000 Turks advance to within 10 miles of Romani and entrench.

Home Fronts

Britain: Record credit (£ 450 millions) voted in House of Commons. Total for 1916-1917 £ 1.05 billon.
Easter Rising: Irish Home Rule debates until July 31.

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