Diary July 25, 1917

post sorting Eastern Front
In this picture the post of Austro-Hungarian soldiers is sorted behind the Eastern Front.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, July 25, 1917:

Western Front

Britain: Cabinet assures Haig of its approval and whole­hearted support for his offensive.
Germany: Ludendorff confidential instruction warns against spread of ‘political propaganda’ in German Army, ordering minute examination of all letters for the front.
Aisne­: German attacks repulsed north of river (until July 27).
Champagne­: German attacks at Mt Haut (and on July 27) repulsed.

Eastern Front

Russia: Government restores death penalty and courts-martial.
Galicia: German 1 st Guard Division takes Tarnopol and crosses river Sereth on July 26 watched by Kaiser. Austrian Third Army retakes Kolomea on July 26.

Air War

North Sea: 5-7 Royal Navy Air Service Sopwith Pup or Sopwith Camel fighters cover Belgian coast net barrage laying (until July 27) and destroy 3 German aircraft.

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