Diary July 26, 1916

The 2nd West India Regiment embarking for East Africa
The 2nd West India Regiment embarking for East Africa. Unlike the native African units, the English-speaking West Indians were regulars and dressed, leading the puzzled local inhabitants to describe them as ‘Black Europeans’.
Diary for Wednesday, July 26, 1916:

African Fronts

East Africa: Gold Coast Regiment lands at Mombasa (2nd West Indian Regiment arrives on July 27).
Western Desert: British-Italian armoured car raid from Sollum.

Home Fronts

Britain – Commissions of Enquiry into Dardanelles (Cromer) and Mesopotamia (Hamilton).
Lloyd George vilifies conscientious objectors. Central Tribunal (July 27) finds 4,378 genuine cases (692 refuse to appear); 250 sent to Dyce near Aberdeen stone quarries late August for 8d pd, 1 dies early September.

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