Diary July 26, 1945

The 'Big Three' Allies at the Potsdam Conference
The ‘Big Three’ Allies at the Potsdam Conference. British Prime Minister Clement Attlee (the successor to Churchill), US President Harry S. Truman (Roosevelt died in April) and Joseph Stalin.
Diary for Thursday, July 26, 1945:


POTSDAM DECLARA­TION: Allied leaders demand immediate and unconditional surrender of Japan; threaten ‘prompt and utter destruction’ of Japanese homeland.

Home Fronts

Britain: CHURCHILL RESIGNS AFTER MASSIVE LABOUR VICTORY IN BRITISH GENERAL ELECTION. Attlee forms first Labour Government with working majority. Labour Cabinet appointments: Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Attlee; Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin; Chancellor of Exchange, Hugh Dalton; President of Board of Trade, Sir Stafford Cripps; Lord President, Herbert Morrison; Lord Chancellor, W Jowitt.

Sea War

First Kamikaze attack on British East Indies Fleet: escort carrier Ameer damaged; minesweeper Vestal sunk off Malaya.

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