Diary July 27, 1917

Aerial view of the Western Front
Aerial view of the Western Front. For the control of mud puddles, blastters and miserable dugouts the soldiers fought for weeks.
World War One Diary for Friday, July 27, 1917:

Western Front

Britain: British Heavy Branch MG Corps becomes Tank Corps.
Flanders: British Guards Division occupies 3,000 yards of German evacuated front-line trenches and beats off counter-attack.


East Africa: Kilwa No 2 Column occupies Nanganachi 12 miles southwest of Narungombe, then Mssindye (July 29-30).


Britain: Ramsay Macdonald’s Commons motion to approve Reichstag Peace Resolution defeated 148-19.
Secret Franco-Italian Agreement on Asia Minor spheres of influence (Britain joins on August 18).

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