Diary July 4, 1918

 Vickers MG gunners have settled in a discontinued position
Allied Vickers MG gunners have settled in a discontinued German position.
World War One Diary for Thursday, July 4, 1918:

Western Front

Somme – Actions of Hamel and Vaire Woods: US troops, brigaded with British, in action for first time. Tank-aided (62 Mk V tanks, 3 lost) Australian Corps (Monash, 775 casualties) and 1,000 men of 33rd US Division (134 casualties) capture Hamel south of Somme in model 93-minute all­-arms operation (600-gun creeping barrage) on 3 1/2 mile front to 1 1/2-mile depth; 1,472 PoWs; 2 guns; 171 MGs and 26 mortars taken. Australians advance 2,000 yards northeast of Villers-Bretroneux (July 5).
Champagne: Foch and Petain bring in reserves to meet impending German offensive (confirmed by PoWs and deserters on July 5). GQG 2eme Bureau (Intelligence) correctly says German main effort will be on Marne.
Marne: US I Corps (Liggett) relieves French III Corps west of Chateau­-Thierry.

Air War

North Sea: 7 German Zeebrugge seaplanes damage 4 Felixstowe flying boats (1 shot down), down another British seaplane (July 18).
Western Front: RAF drop 100,000 rounds ammo to Australian machine-gunners, capturing Hamel on Somme, first air supply in mobile battle; 5 RAF aircraft lost to 5 German fighters and a balloon.


USA: At Mt Vernon Independence Day celebration Wilson proclaims Allies’ 4 great aims: 1) ‘Destruction of arbitrary power’; 2) national self­determination; 3) national morality to be like individual’s; 4) peace organization to prevent war.
Britain: ­Churchill main speaker at Anglo-Saxon Fellowship, Central Hall, Westminster.


Holland: British government waive right of search on East Indies convoy.

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