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Diary July 6, 1916

soldiers of the Tsar
The soldiers of the Tsar – a mixture of many nations.
Diary for Thurday, July 6, 1916:

Eastern Front

Brusilov offensive, Pripet: Disorderly German retreat in Chartorysk salient between river Styr and river Stokhod; 30,000 PoWs and 30 guns lost since July 4.

Middle East

British War committee discuss Arab Revolt: Sherif gets £125,000 per month by 27 for duration of war. Murray to prepare to occupy El Arish and Aqaba. GIGS cables him suggesting helping Arabs sabotage Hejaz Railway.

Home Fronts

Britain: Hospital ships land 10,112 Somme wounded at South­ampton and Dover. MI5 circular warns Chief Constables that Germans seeking to recruit circus and stage performers as spies.

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