Diary July 6, 1917

wounded Richthofen
Manfred von Richthofen, the ace of the aces, recovers from his head injury.
World War One Diary for Friday, July 6, 1917:

Air War

Western Front: Guynemer scores first victory with his new 37-mm Puteaux cannon-armed Spad S12, DFW downed with a single shot (Fonck achieves 6 kills with this powerful but dangerous recoil weapon). Germans bomb RNAS Bray Dunes airfield, damage 12 aircraft (night July 6-7). Richthofen wounded in air combat by FE26 of No 20 Suadron Royal Flying Corps, out of action for 6 weeks, but JG1 scores 9 victories without loss on July 7 under Captain W Reinhard.

Western Front

USA: Pershing tells Washington that a million men must be sent to France by May 1918.
Flanders: Germans fire 300,000 shells of high explosive and gas at new British Yser bridgeheads taken over from French (until July 10).

Eastern Front

Galicia: Kornilov’s Russian Eighth Army attacks south of Dniester at 0700 hours against Austrian Third Army, takes 7,000 PoWs; 48 guns and Jutrena Gora summit by July 8, only German reserves stem rout.

Middle East

Arabia – Fall of Aqaba: 300 Turks surrender to Lawrence’s 2,500 Arabs, 130 miles from Allenby’s front. Lawrence leaves with 8 camel riders to cross Sinai and get food ship from Suez (arrives on July 8).

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