Diary July 9, 1918

'Eagle Boat'
‘Eagle Boat’ with 615 tons displacement and armament of 2x4in guns, 2x3in AA guns, 2 MGs, 1 Y-gun depth charge projector and depth charges. The crew consisted of 72 men and maximum speed 18 knots with endurance of 3,500 miles.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 9, 1918:

Sea War

USA: Henry Ford launches first ‘Eagle Boat’ patrol vessel. 60 of 100 ordered built, PE1 commissions October 28, 1918.
Britain: Government announces that home­ward-bound shiping loss rate since January 1 over 1 %.
Northern Adriatic: Austrian U-19 mined off Caorle, beaches and later plundered by Austrian troops.

Eastern Front

Volga: Red Eastern Front C-in-C Colonel Muraviev (militant Left Socialist Revolutionary) rebels at Kazan, sails down Volga to Simbirsk with 1,000 men.
East Siberia­: General Horvath declares himself Provisional Ruler at Grodekovo northwest of Vladivostok.

Air War

Western Front: Major James McCudden, Victoria Cross, Commander No 60 Squadron RAF (57 victories since September 6, 1916) killed in landing accident, aged 23.


Germany: Rear-Admiral Hintze Foreign Minister on Kuehlmann’s resignation (July 8, Hintze formally appointed July 20).
Austria: Central Powers’ Salzburg economic conference.

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