Diary June 1, 1917

Variety of types on an allied airfield
Variety of types on an Allied airfield. From front to back is a Morane-Saulnier P, S.E.5, D.H.5, F.E.2 and S.E.5a. The fast development of the aircrafts does not allow for uniformity.
World War One Diary for Friday, June 1, 1917:

Air War

Western Front: Significant numbers of SE5, Sopwith Triplane, Bristol Fighter and Spad S 13 enable Allies to regain air superiority.
USA: In June Major Raynal C Bolling Mission leaves USA for two-month tour of Allied aircraft manufacturing in Europe and remit to conclude licence production agreements.
Adriatic: In June No 6 Wing Royal Navy Air Service begins anti­-U-boat patrols from Otranto.

Western Front

Britain: BEF has taken 76,067 PoWs to date.
Germany: During June Rupprecht transfers 10 divisions from Lens-Lille sector to Flanders.
Aisne: Up to 2,000 men of French 23rd and 133rd Infantry Regiments (43rd Division) mutiny until June 2 at Ville-en­-Tardenois and Chambrecy (southwest of Reims), display red flag. German 4-coy local dawn attack preluded by 3-minutes mortar shelling and indirect MG fire behind French first line.

Sea War

Britain: During June Convoys being regularly run, 113 destroyers available for escort in Home Waters, 37 in Mediterranean, average of 55 U­-boats at sea per day.
Mediterranean: 18 German and 3-4 Austrian U-boats on operations (until June 15).

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