Diary June 1, 1942

German super-heavy 60 cm mortar 'Thor'
German super-heavy 60 cm mortar ‘Thor’ bombards Sebastopol.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, June 1, 1942:

Eastern Front

Siege of Sebastopol: German super-heavy mortars and world’s largest artillery piece – 80-cm Dora – bombard fortifications. German aircraft fly up to 18 bombing sorties per day.

Air War

Germany: ‘THOUSAND BOMBER’ RAID ON ESSEN AND THE RUHR. 950 aircraft (31 lost) are sent, but cloud hampers bombing.

Sea War

Pacific: Seaplane launched from Japanese submarine I-26 reconnoiters Seattle.

Home Fronts

India: Martial law declared in Sind following repeated outrages by the Hurs; aircraft and paratroops have to be employed; 2,000 Hurs captured June-July; 69 hanged.
Germany: Himmler takes control of ARP (Luftschutz).

Occupied Territories

Burma: Burmese Government in Exile to be re-established at Simla (India).

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