Diary June 1, 1918

US troops march through a French village
US troops march through a French village to the front.
World War One Diary for Saturday, June 1, 1918:

Western Front

Marne: Germans held between the Oise and Marne (US 3rd Division MG battalion in action, with 5 more divisions arriving including US 2nd) but reach edge of Villers-Cotterets Forest 40 miles from Paris.
Champagne: French lose then regain Fort de La Pompelle, southeast of Reims.
Germany: During June 1,000-2,000 flu cases per German division.

Southern Fronts

Salonika: During June 10,000 French and 10,000 British withdrawn for Western Front (12 British battalions transferred from June 16); Greek 2nd (Athens) Division becomes operational (in line by June 26); 28 Bulgars desert to British in mid month warn of offensive, but cancelled due to mutiny. 80,000t of supplies per week being landed at Salonika (10,109 British casualties in hospital).
Italian Front: Diaz warns his 7 army commanders not to repeat recent Anglo­-French Western Front mistakes with their reserves. During June Czechoslovak Division formed.

Air War

France: 3 German bombers raid Paris (14 bombs, 28 casualties), single aircraft raids (June 3-7, 15,26) and three more (June 27, 2 lost, 25 casualties).
Macedonia­: During June Anglo-French destroy 12 Bulgar aircraft.
Western Front: Germans claim 32 Allied aircraft for loss of 12. Captain P L Weiller made Commander of Groupe des Escs de Grande Reconnaissance (Breguet recon, artillery spotter and bomber units).
Adriatic: In June Germans send 6 seaplanes for courier and postal work.

Home Fronts

Britain: RFP 108% (February level). Sugar production cut to 25% of 1915 for year. OW Griffith’s Hearts of the World (starring Lillian Gish) opens in London in June.
France: Food rationing cards compulsory. In June Andre Maurois publishes Les Silences of Colonel Bramble.
Germany: Krupp’s Essen Works now has 75,000 men and 23,000 women. During June 1920 conscript class called up.
USA: Food Administrator warns v boycotting sauerkraut (‘liberty cabbage’). War Secretary Baker authorizes inquiry into conscientious objectors, 130 Memonites jailed.

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