Diary June 10, 1917

Petain with complaining soldiers
The French commander-in-chief sympathizes with a soldier’s complaint. Petain handled the mutinies with sternness and humanity, but he knew much was wrong with the army.
World War One Diary for Sunday, June 10, 1917:

Western Front

France: First 2 French mutineers executed, outbreaks already receding (June 7), only 20 executed until July 2. Petain speaks to an ex­mutinous regtiment (June 19) and brings tears to the soldiers’ eyes, visits almost 90 divisions in June and July.

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Italian Offensive north of Asiago with 12 divisions; 1,500 guns and mortars on 9-mile front but signals and deserters have alerted Austrian Eleventh Army. Barrage (including gas shell) from 0515 hours in near zero visibility (mist) till 1100 hours. Alpini assault from 1100 hours captures Agnello Pass and Peak 2101 (6,794ft) of Mt Ortigaro with 500 PoWs but Austrians retain Height 2105 (6,906ft). Attacks by 5 other divisions on 5 other peaks to south fail. Italian Sixth Army C-in-C Mambretti fails to persuade Cadorna to call off offensive, he allows only 48-hour pause.
Greece: French regiment and guns land at Corinth and French (mainly cavalry) division enters Thessaly, takes Larissa for 6 killed, captures 300 royalists in only bloodshed on June 12.

Home Fronts

Britain: Labour Trafalgar Square demo for world’s industrial workers.
Ireland: Sinn Fein riots in Dublin.
France: Interior Minister cables 83 prefects for morale reports, 44 say ‘poor’ or ‘indifferent’, 36 towns ‘contaminated’.

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