Diary June 10, 1942

SS destroyers of Lidice
Three of the destroyers of Lidice (Czecheslovakia) pose beside the buildings they have blown up. Security units depopulated and totally destroyed the village, because some of the inhabitants were suspected of helping assassins of Heydrich. 173 men and boys were shot, 198 women and 98 chiildren were deported to concentration camp.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, June 10, 1942:

Occupied Territories

Czechoslovakia: DESTRUCTION OF LIDICE. SS soldiers depopulate and totally destroy village of Lidice, near Prague (some of the inhabitants are suspected of helping assassins of Heydrich). 173 men and boys shot, 198 women and 98 children deported to concentration camp.

Eastern Front

Ukraine: German 1st Panzer Army and Paulus’ 6th Army drive Russians back on broad front east of Kharkov, capturing Volchansk and Kupyansk and reaching river Oskol (June 10-26).

Sea War

Black Sea: Russian supply convoy destroyed by Ju 88 bombers while unloading at Sebastopol.

Home Fronts

Britain: Death of Stanley Lupino, actor and comedian; aged 48.

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