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Diary June 12, 1940

surrender of the British 51st Highland Division.
Captured soldiers the British 51st Highland Division.
Diary for Wednesday, June 12, 1940:


Rommel captures remnants of French IX Corps and British 51st Highland Division at St.Valery-en-Caux, near Le Havre. Germans reach the Marne and cross at Chateau-Thierry. Fall of Rheims.

North Africa

British capture 62 Italians in skirmish on Egyptian border.


Egypt breaks off diplomatic relations with Italy. Turkey breaks off commercial relations with Italy. Britain and France sign non-aggression treaties with Thailand. Thai-Japanese Treaty of Friendship (to run for 5 years).


Japanese capture Ichang, vital port and air base on river Yangtse, east of Chungking.

Home Fronts

Italy: Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano, banned for publishing British and French war Communiqués (ban lifted June 13, when editors agree not to publish war news).

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