Diary June 14, 1918

French PoWs Aisne river
French PoWs are escorted away from the fighting along the Aisne River.
World War One Diary for (day), (Datum):

Western Front

BATTLE OF THE MATZ ENDS: French defensive victory. First extensive use of mustard gas by Allies (French) causes 265 casualties. Foch instructs Petain to plan offensive west of Soissons, Mangin makes 8 successful local attacks (until July 5). OHL reaffirms its cherished ‘final’ offensive in Flanders (codename Hagen). But first Allied reserves must be drawn south by Operation Reims ( Marneschutz, ordered on June 18). Bruchmueller’s ‘siege train’ to redeploy quickly from Reims to Flanders (Rupprecht to attack 15 days later). French Intelligence predicts ‘a continuation of the thrust towards Amiens.. (or) a continuation of the attacks in the direction of Paris by … the Oise and Marne … not before July 15’. Guillaumat replaces Dubail as Military Governor of Paris and potential Petain replacement.
Flanders: British night raid along La Bassee Canal succeeds.

Eastern Front

USSR: Soviets expel Right Socialist parties.
Southern Russia: Don­-Kuban Cossack Agreement. 10,000 Russians fight Germans at Taganrog.

Middle East

Northwest Persia: 2000 Turk troops re­occupy Tabriz.

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