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Diary June 15, 1944

US landing craft approach Saipan
Fuel-loaded US landing craft approach the burning town of Charan-Kanoa on the west coast of Saipan.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, June 15, 1944:

Sea War

Pacific: TWO USMC DIVISONS LAND ON SAIPAN (Operation Forager).

Western Front

Normandy: Americans from ‘Utah’ capture Quineville.

Occupied Territories

France – St Donat incident: Russo-Mongolian auxiliaries of German Army loot and destroy small town in Southern France in first of series of reprisals for alleged Communist-led Resistance activities; 53 women and girls brutally violated and left for dead.
First of 2 Resistance attacks on Air Liquide liquid oxygen plant at Roubaix.

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