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Diary June 17, 1915

Duke Nicholas
The Russian Supre Commander Duke Nicholas.
Diary for Thursday, June 17, 1915:

Eastern Front

Russia: STAVKA Conference at Kholm, armies 500,000 under strength, sanctions fighting retreat. Russians announce 120,000 enemy losses on Dniester in last month, claim 40,000 PoWs.

Western Front

Artois: Fond De Suval (north of Arras) captured by French.
Alsace: Germans burn and evacuate Metzeral.

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Italian 3rd Division captures Hill 383 on river Isonzo after attacks since June 10, but 2,093 casualties.


USA: League to Enforce Peace organized.

Home Fronts

Turkey: Djevdet Bey massacres Armenian Nestorian and Jacobite Christians at Sirt, south of Bitlis, whose 15,000 Armenians he murders (until June 25).
Britain: Food Home Production Committees established. Royal Society makes November 1914 advisory science council into War Committee (150 staff), gas and trench warfare emphasis.

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