Diary June 18, 1944

US Marines move forward on Saipan
US Marines move forward on Saipan. They are heavily armed to flush out Japanese strongpoints; the man on the left is carrying a Bazooka.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, June 18, 1944:


Marianas: US Marines capture Aslito airfield, Saipan.

Western Front

Normandy: Americans capture Barneville and isolate Cotentin Peninsular with Cherbourg.


Italy: British 8th Army captures Assisi, south of Perugia.

Far East

China: Japanese take key city of Changsha, 322 km south of Hankow.

Air War

Britain: V-1 destroys Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, London (119 killed, 102 injured).

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