Diary June 19, 1917

inspection of Austrian troops in the Alpine region
An inspection of Austrian troops in the Alpine region, with most of the officers and soldiers wearing ‘Bernsdorfer’ steel helmets and rucksacks.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, June 19, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Trentino: From 0600 hours Alpini (15 battalions) storm Mt Ortigara summit (6,906 ft) taking 1,000 PoWs (including Kaiserjaeger) but Austrians hold 6,729 ft peak and Mt Camigoletti although 9 battalions v 35; Austrians bring up 2 battalions and Conrad’s requests for more reserves finally answered.

Sea War

Black Sea: Vice-Admiral Kolchak, C-in-C Russian Black Sea Fleet, deposed by delegate assembly of sailors’ councils and replaced by Vice-Admiral Lukin. Russian Navy pay rise backdated to May 13.
Channel­: French submarine Ariane torpedoed and sunk on trials by UC-22.

Home Fronts

Britain: King abolishes Royal Family’s enemy titles, British peerages for Tecks and Battenbergs. Commons 330
majority to give wives over age 30 the vote.

Middle East

Arabia: Lawrence and 500 Arabs begin march on Aqaba but then execute 100-strong northern sabotage diversion against Amman­-Deraa railway before June 27.

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