Diary June 20, 1915

The French C-in-C Generalissimos Joffre.
Diary for Sunday, June 20, 1915:

Western Front

Meuse-Argonne: German Crown Prince launches attack which leads to costly actions until July 14. French First Army casualties since May 1: 16,200 soldiers.
Paris – Terrier to Lyautey from Morocco: ‘People are blaming the Generalissimo (Joffre) for waiting too long, and for remaining himself too far from the Front’.
Petain made C-in-C Second Army, Fayolle takes over XXXIII Corps.

Middle East

Armenia: Armenians and Cossack’s take Sevan on Lake Van and Sorp (June 25). 4,000 men cavalry reach north side of lake on June 26.

Sea War

North Sea: U39 torpedoes cruiser Roxburgh (in dock till April 1916).

Oval@3x 2

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