Diary June 20, 1940

British submarine Severn
The British submarine Severn torpedoed the German battlecruiser Gneisenau and disabled her for several months.
Diary for Thursday, June 20, 1940:

Sea War

German battlecruiser Gneisenau torpedoed off Trondheim by British submarine Severn.


Germans capture Lyons. Saumur Cadets forced surrendering when ammunition supplies for their training weapons run out (200 cadets killed, June 19-20).
Italian offensive on the Riviera (extended along entire Franco-Italian frontier to Mt Blanc, June 21).

Home Fronts

Britain: Entire output of Thompson sub-machine guns (300 t per week) to be delivered from US manufacturers in weekly shipments.
France: Petain broadcasts: he describes the defeat of France as ‘inevitable’ and compares the 185 British, American and Italian divisions supporting the French Army in May 1918 with the 10 British divisions of May 1940.


French authorities in Indochina bow to Japanese threat and half transit of arms to China via Haiphong.

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