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Diary June 21, 1919

scuttling of the battlecruiser 'Seydlitz'
The scuttling of the battlecruiser ‘Seydlitz’ in Scapa Flow.
World War One Diary for Saturday, June 21, 1919:

North Sea: GERMAN HIGH SEAS FLEET INTERNED AT SCAPA FLOW SCUTTLES from 1215 hours;: 9 of 1,800 German sailors killed as 10 dreadnoughts, 5 battlecruisers, 8 cruisers, 32 destroyers sunk by crews at Rear Admiral Reuter’s order in under 6 hours. 14 destroyers beached along with flagship battleship Baden.
Turkey: Kemal Pasha issues ‘Declaration of Independence’ from Ankara.

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