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Diary June 25, 1940

Cheering German soldiers
Cheering German soldiers at the announcement of the armistice. Many German believed now that the war was over.
Diary for Tuesday, June 25, 1940:

Home Fronts

Germany – Armistice celebrations: Hitler issues proclamation announcing ‘the end of the war in the West’ and ‘the most glorious victory of all time !’. Flags to be flown throughout the Reich for 10 days and church bells to be rung for 7 days.
France: Day of national mourning. Flags flown at half-mast.

Sea War

Operations Cycle and Ariel completed: 214,000 British and Allied troops evacuated from northwest and west France since June 15.


Switzerland: President Pilet-Golaz makes controversial broadcast: he expresses ‘relief’ at the ‘end of the war in Europe’ and suggests the replacement of Swiss democracy by an authoritarian system.


CEASE-FIRE ON ALL FRONTS from 12.35 a.m. (BST). Italians have made virtually no progress in their offensive except at Menton, on French Riviera.


(Totals, May 10 - June 25)FrenchBritishGermanItalian
Killed soldiers 84,000 - 92,000 3,475 27,074 631
Wounded soldiers 200,000 - 250,000 15,850 111,034 2,631 (+ 2,151 sick)
POW's or missing 1,900,000 48,804 18,384 4,494
Guns? 2,472??

see also: German Orders of Battle from 25 June 1940 early, the day of the armistice with France

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