Diary June 26, 1941

important road bridge across the Dvina at Daugavplis
This important road bridge across the Dvina at Daugavplis (as well as the railway bridge) was captured by German special forces of the division Brandenburg using Russian uniforms.
Diary for Thursday, June 26, 1941:

Eastern Front

Operation Barbarossa: German Panzers reach river Dvina and Daugavpils.
Siege of Hango: Russian garrison holds out in naval base, west of Helsinki, until evacuated, December 1941.
Italian expeditionary force to be sent to Russia.

Sea War

Black Sea: Russian destroyers shell Constanta (munition train explodes); Moskva mined and sunk.

Air War

Balkans: Luftwaffe bomb Leningrad; Red Air Force attack Bucharest.
Kassa Incident: Two aircraft bomb Hungarian border town of Kassa, killing 20 and injuring 41. Hungary blames Russia, but raid probably fabricated by Luftwaffe.



see also: Finnish Armed Forces in the Continuation War

Home Fronts

Germany: P. G. Wodehouse, the author, broadcasts a ‘non-political’ talk from Berlin (Wodehouse had been captured at Le Touquet in 1940).

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