Diary June 26, 1916

parachute crewman balloon
Strung up but smiling, the crewman of a German observation balloon is released by two comrades after landing behind own lines.
Diary for Monday, June 26, 1916:

Air War

Western Front: Royal Flying Corps observers engage 161 targets. 5 FE2bs (1 lost) of No 25 Squadron including Capt A W Tedder (future Air Marshal of RAF) shoot down 2 Fokker Es; 3 German kite-balloons brought down in flames.

Western Front

Verdun: French gains near Fort Thiaumont but two-brigade attack fails at Fleury. German attacks west of Hill 304 and near Fleury. French 407th Regiments 1,200 survivors (from 2,800 on June 21) withdrawn.

Middle East

Persia: Turks driven from Lake Urmia.


France: Serb Prime Minister Pasic visits Paris.


Switzerland: ­Germany threatens coal supply if cotton purchases not delivered.
Rumania: 9 killed in Galati workers anti-war demo.

Home Fronts

Britain: 7,000 Vickers Barrow engineers lose strike against partial call-up (until July 3).

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