Diary June 27, 1916

Portugueses infantry-men of the Metropolitan expenditionary force
Portugueses infantry-men of the Metropolitan expenditionary force manning entrenchments in East Africa.
Diary for Tuesday, June 27, 1916:

African Fronts

East Africa: British Lake Force (2,000 soldiers, Crewe GOC since June 17) advances south from river Kagera and via Lake Victoria. Major-General Gill and part of 3,000-strong Portuguese Expeditionary Force land (until September 6) at Lourenco Marques.

Western Front

British reconnaissance raids from La Bassee canal to Somme line.

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Italians resume pursuit too slowly.
Carnia­: Italian XII Corps ‘rectification operations’ (until June 29) cost 3,662 casualties.

Middle East

Arab Revolt: Fakhri Pasha sorties from Medina, massacres Arab suburb; Feisal blockades at distance.

Air War

Western Front: 157 active German batteries reported by Royal Flying Corps.


Austria: A letter from the ambassador in Berlin says ‘Monarchy can no longer survive the war’.


Greece: King signs demobilization decree

Secret War­

German Hentig enters Chinese Turkestan, escapes Russian cordon.

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