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Diary June 3, 1940

bombed and destroyed Dunkirk
The bombed and destroyed Dunkirk after the battle.
Diary for Monday, June 3, 1940:

Sea War

Last evacuation ships leave Dunkirk (night June 3-4).

Dunkirk Evacuation:

  • Total evacuated: 338,226 men inc. about 120,000 French and Belgians;
  • 861 ships and many private craft employed; 243 sunk.
  • Aircraft losses: Luftwaffe over 130, RAF 106 (87 pilots dead or PoWs).
Air War

Heavy raid on Paris (Operation Paula): 200 German bombers (20 lost) attempt to destroy aircraft factories and airfields near capital; 254 people killed in suburbs. French lose 33 fighters.

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