Diary June 30, 1916

Bayern' class battleship
‘Bayern’ class battleship in the North Sea.
Diary for Friday, June 30, 1916:

Sea War

North Sea: ­First German 15 inch-gun battleship Bayern joins Fleet (sister Baden likewise February 1917).
Germany: Chancellor Bethmann again informs Admiral Scheer of his opposition to unrestricted U­-boat operations.
Mediterranean: During June German U-boats sink 43 merchant ships or 67,125t out of total (all seas) 87,293 t. During June French Marine Ministry rebukes Bizerta Prefet Maritime for suggesting convoy answer to U-boats.

Western Front

Verdun: French recapture Fort Thiaumont. 65 French divisions have engaged against 47 German. June losses: French 67,000, German 51,567 (including 4 divisions which were losing 71-90% of their infantry).

Eastern Front

Brusilov offensive, Galicia: 2 Austrian divisions from Italian Front begin arriving at Nadworna and Delatyn.

Air War

Western Front: 6 RE7s of No 21 Squadron Royal Flying Corps bomb Lille St Saveur station engine sheds (repeated and successfully with 336 lb bomb, first use from 7,000-8,000 ft on July 1). Escort on both raids 2 Martinsyde and 2 Morane planes.


USA: Krupp representative Captain Tauscher acquitted of conspiracy charges. US Commissioner of Navigation reports 125,000t of shipping building for foreign owners (mainly British).

Home Fronts

France: Alcohol duties increased.
Britain: Army Council takes over 1916 hay and straw crops. D H Lawrence rejected for military service at Bodmin.

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