Diary June 4, 1918

'Tiger' Clemenceau
The old ‘Tiger’ Clemenceau (second from left) visits a French aviator unit.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, June 4, 1918:

Home Fronts

France: Clemenceau to Chamber ‘I shall fight before Paris … in Paris … behind Paris.’, wins vote 337-110.
Britain: Men of 18 generally lose military service exemption.

Eastern Front

North Russia: 150 Royal Marines land at Pechenga.
Baltic States: Lithuania proclaims royal constitution, Duke of Wurttemberg accepts throne (elected August 31).

Secret War

Russia: Lockhart to British Foreign Office ‘If you do not intervene within … days or weeks … we shall have lost a golden opportunity’.

Middle East

Turkey: Government sign peace with Armenians, Azerbaijanis and Georgians.
Persia­: Dunsterville at Kazvin, leaves with Anglo-Russian force on June 5; 1,000 motorized troops and 2 guns with 500 vans forming at Hamadan (2 Duncars arrive on June 6).

Air War

France: Dover Patrol given 82nd Wing (7 squadrons) for continued bombing of Belgian coast. Germans bomb Dunkirk airfields (nights June 4-5, 5-6); 200 bombs from 24 aircraft disable 52 RAF aircraft on June 6 and 7 and force Couderkerque airfield’s abandonment.
North Sea: Large 50-minutes seaplane action off Terschelling Island, 2 of 5 RAF planes lost after action with 10 German seaplanes (1 washed ashore).
Western Front: Commander Vuillemin’s 120 French bombers (GB6 and GB9) break up German Ninth Army attack east of Retz Forest. Germans claim 18 Allied aircraft for loss of 1.

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