Diary June 5, 1915

Repulse of Italian attacks at the Isonzo
Austrian propaganda painting about the repulse of the repeated Italian attacks at the Isonzo.
Diary for Saturday, June 5, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: 4 Italian corps vainly attack Doberdo plateau, Gorizia and Monte Kuk until June 8 with poor artillery support.

Western Front

Artois: Attack and counterattack north of Arras and east of Lorette Ridge, in which French sculptor Henri Gaudier-Brzeska killed, aged 24.

Secret War

Austrians solve first 4 Italian cryptograms; 16 more until June 30 by Marburg intercept station.

Middle East

Syria: Austrian envoy Musil returns to Damascus after 3000-mile trip in Arabia since mid-November.

African Fronts

Western Tripolitania: Italians retake Chicla but evacuate Mizda (June 15-21).

Sea War

North Sea: U14 rammed and sunk by trawler Hawk.
Adriatic: ­Italian cruisers and other warships shell Dalmatian Islands lighthouses, stations and Ragusa-Callaro railway line.
Mediterranean: French sending 10 armed trawlers for patrol work. Anglo­-Italian battle squadrons rehearse in Gulf of Taranto (and on June 11), latter using much US coal, but U­-boat threat ends exercises after August 13-14.

Air War

Eastern Front: IM heavy bomber (Buschko) destroys Austrian munitions train in Prjevorsk Station.


First Anglo-French War Conference held at Calais.

Home Fronts

Britain: Churchill speech at Dundee (his seat) defends record: ‘We are the grand reserve of the Allied cause’.

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