Diary June 9, 1915

A day with the shovel
A day with the shovel: German ASC build rear positions at the Eastern Front.
Diary for Wednesday, June 9, 1915:

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: German attacks repulsed in Shavli district (more attacks on June 12). General Plehve arrives at Riga to lead new Fifth Army next day.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italian attack 6,178-ft high Tonale Pass fails (Adamello Range, Western Trentino). Italian Second Army attacks on Gorizia bridgehead (Isonzo) fail with heavy losses until next day, although it crosses the Isonzo (June 9-11), but Third Army occupies Monfalcone close to sea east of Isonzo.

Middle East

Gallipoli: British Cabinet approves sending 3 new divisions; 2 cruisers; 14 monitors; 6 submarines and 4 sloops.

African Fronts

Lake Tanganyika: 800t gunboat Graf van Götzen launched.

Sea War

Adriatic: Austrian U4 torpedoes Royal Navy cruiser Dublin, she returns to Brindisi at up to 17 kts.

Air War

Western Front: Captain Guynemer joins Esc MS3 at Vauciennes, wrecks 3 aircraft in faulty landings (June 10-22).

Secret War

74-year-old Baron Schluga (Agent 17) reports from Paris (Berlin receives on June 11): ‘English complaining over lack of munitions … … regret … promised support of the French attack north of Arras is not possible …’.

Home Fronts

Britain: Ministry of Munitions Act passed.

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