Diary March 10, 1919

Kapp Coup
The forced downsizing of the Reichswehr by 1921 brought great dissatisfaction among the older, monarchist and younger, nationalist officers. On March 13, 1921, the Kapp Coup took place, where soldiers hoisted the old Reich War flag on Wilhelmsplatz in Berlin.
World War One Diary for Monday, March 10, 1919:

Germany: Army to be limited to 100,000 volunteers, Navy to 15,000.
Baltic States: Latvian and German troops retake Tukkum.
South Russia­: Cossack Major Grigorev’s 15,000 Reds take Kherson on river Dnieper despite stern resistance by 1,000 (mainly) Greeks, Reds shoot PoWs after 500 hostages found massacred; then storm Nikolayev on March 12.
USA: Prewar shipping tonnage trebled to 3,834,760t; 45% US cargo in US-owned ships vs 9.7% prewar.

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