Diary March 11, 1945

Hitler meets with the commanders of the 9th Army
Hitler on front visit with the commanders of the 9th Army (General Busse) on the Oder Front this day.
Diary for Sunday, March 11, 1945:

Air War

Germany: 1,055 RAF bombers dropping 4,700 t. bombs on rail targets at Essen; all produc­tion stops at Krupp’s Works. 1,000 US bombers attack U-boat yards in northwest Germany.
Pacific – Operation Tan: 24 Ginga fast 2-engined bombers carry out night Kami­kaze raid on Ulithi Atoll; carrier Randolph hit.

Home Fronts

Britain: 70 Germans stage mass escape from PoW camp at Bridgend, Glamorgan (South Wales); all recaptured by March 17.

Secret War

Ultra gives a warning of Ar 234 Blitz jet attacks on the Remagen Bridge.

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