Diary March 11, 1915

 wrecked German machine-gun position
This wrecked German machine-gun position was only destroyed in the second bombardment after it exacted a heavy toll of the attacking British infantry at Neuve Chapelle.
Diary for Thursday, March 11, 1915:

Western Front

Flanders – Neuve Chapelle: Two German counter-attacks repulsed (c. 500 killed by 2nd Rifle Brigade), but 6th Bavarian Reserve Division now present.

Eastern Front

Carpathians: Brusilov’s VIII Corps strikes at Austrian Second Army left flank, breaks XIX Corps on March 13. Second Army casualties 51,086 out of 148,848 (March 1-14).

Middle East

Mesopotamia: British Euphrates Blockade Force (5-6 vessels) begins operations. Major Leachman arrives from India to work among Euphrates tribes.

African Fronts

Lake Victoria: HMS Winifred (4­-inch gun) drives German Mwanza ashore near Rujenge; but latter refloated on March 17 as transport.
Lake Nyasa: Lt-Cdr Denniston of Royal Navy takes command of flotilla.

Sea War

Britain extends absolute contraband list, France likewise on March 13.
Dardanelles: Churchill cables Carden, urging more decisive attack.
Aegean: German-com­manded Turk torpedo boat Demirhisar torpedoes RN seaplane carrier Anne off Smyrna (operational again in August).

Secret War

Germany: German treasury approves RM 2 million to support Russian revolutionary propaganda.

Home Fronts

Britain: Canadian Training Division established at Shornclille, Kent.
Liverpool Dockers Work Battalion organized.

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